Juanma Padilla VP Business Development

Juanma Padilla is a General Manager a company whose main objective is to bring our international experience to the development of your business into new markets abroad.

Our objective is to use simple and straightforward methods to make your company grow, to facilitate your international expansion, while maintaining your company´s original processes.

We offer sales development methods, specifically tailored to your company´s needs in whichever country where your company is most likely to build and strengthen future business links.

I am capable of representing our customers´commercial interests in any of these geographical locations, with a successful track record that is endorsed by our professionals wide experience in international trade. A BDC is an alternative to your company´s growth and expansion into new markets, with clear benefits contributions for your company, while eliminating risks and set up costs.

I have a company that helps you better manage your business purchases, saving money and improving productivity and service purchases.

Our team of professionals in the management of national and international purchases, conduct a feasibility study toenable real improvement costs for your business.

We intervene in all areas of your business costs, to further improve the management of purchases made ​​by your purchasing department. Analyze their costs and improve logistics and international transport, supplies, communications, printing, graphic design, products and raw materials, utilities, etc …

They are time saving and productivity improvement in the purchasing process of your company, at A BDC know and are here to help.


International Business Development
Purchasing Management